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Small children shouldn’t attend political rallies

Message difficult to take seriously

It was entertaining to see the movement that’s been dominating headlines and topics of conversation firsthand. However, it was unsettling to see children who appeared to be under the age of 10 in the mix. I’m a strong supporter of freedom of speech — even for the ones who aren’t even legal. But I’m pretty sure little kids don’t understand having a job, earning an income or wealth distribution.

I’m also pretty sure 8-year-olds don’t understand the concept of taxes — unless their parents tax their allowance. These kids shouldn’t have been ranting next to adults who are fed up with Corporate America. They were out of place and made the protest awkward.

These kids should have been in school learning how to count so they will eventually be able to understand what all the zeroes actually mean on a CEO’s paycheck.

As a passerby, it was difficult for me to take the message seriously when some kids were the one telling me I should. They made the cause seem silly and childish. Parents should not use their children to make a political statement about issues that clearly affect adults.

Protesting is important, but it has its appropriate settings. Apparently, it also needs to have an age limit.