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Black Friday symbolizes our society’s excess

Spending money not had is irresponsible

The day after Thanksgiving is infamously known as Black Friday — the day when shoppers wake up painfully early, search out the best deals and do whatever they can to get the majority of their holiday shopping finished by the end of the weekend. However, another name for the day is Buy Nothing Day — an alternative title and message for a holiday based on overconsumption.

Buy Nothing Day encourages people to not spend any money or buy anything on Black Friday. Why? Because our society already thrives on excess.

Thanksgiving itself is about stuffing our faces with as much as we can possibly eat, however glorious that may be. But the holiday is also focused on spending time with family and being gracious. The day after Thanksgiving shouldn’t be about stuffing a shopping cart and spending so much money you go into debt.

On Black Friday, or rather Buy Nothing Day, I simply encourage you to sleep late and avoid the havoc of frenzied shoppers ruthlessly trying to get a deal. Take a day off to relax before coming back to campus for the anticipated Carolina–Clemson game.

If you insist on going shopping on Black Friday, counteract it by participating in Small Business Saturday — shop at small business normally overshadowed by larger corporations. These business often have unique items that make even better gifts than mass-produced department store products.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving break, and happy Buy Nothing Day.