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Daylight saving time pointless hassle

Clocks should remain on standard time As college students, an extra hour added to our Sunday schedule was quite nice. Daylight saving time ended beginning standard time, and we now get to lazily adjust our sleep schedules for the next week. Early classes at 8 a.m. will now feel like 9 a.m., making them not quite as painful. The only drawback will be exiting evening classes to the cold and dark. While "falling back" is much more convenient than "springing forward," daylight saving time in general seems kind of pointless.

 According to an article in the Huffington Post, "Daylight Savings Time 2011 Ends: Prepare to Turn Back the Clocks," clocks are being changed an hour back about a week later in the year. The later date was meant for days to be longer for an extra week so energy could be saved.

But if saving energy is the main concern, it makes more sense to get rid of daylight saving all together.

In reality we didn't gain an hour this weekend. We just made up for the one we deferred last spring.

According to the article, which details the history of daylight saving time, the time change was nationally put in place during the first world war "as a measure to preserve resources for the war effort."

World War I was a long time ago, and the country as a whole doesn't revolve around putting all of its efforts into war.

Instead of having to readjust our lives twice a year, this day and time keeping longer days with more daylight simply makes sense.