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Behind enemy lines: Five questions with The Daily Beacon

Daily Beacon Sports Editor Lauren Kittrell predicts the Gamecocks will beat UT


1. How hot is Volunteers’ coach Derek Dooley’s seat right now? Any chance he’s the coach next season?

Dooley is definitely feeling some pressure from both fans and athletic director Dave Hart. He’s impatient for an SEC win.

I’d definitely like to see him in the coaching position. We’ve had a lot of coaching changes at UT recently (not just in football), and it hasn’t been good for the program. Unfortunately, I don’t see Dooley making it through the season, especially with a loss to South Carolina and a close game with Vanderbilt coming up. We’re on the alert for breaking news.

2. The Tennessee offensive line has only allowed three sacks this season. How do you think that unit will perform against a USC defensive line that averages 3.6 sacks per game?

UT’s offensive line has overcome some serious defensive tests. Georgia, Florida and Alabama all posted threats, but the line stayed strong. I doubt South Carolina with be able to crack that and get through to (UT quarterback Tyler) Bray. Besides, Bray will probably just throw an interception to avoid the sack.

3. Is quarterback Tyler Bray feeling the pressure? Dooley told both Bray and members of the press that if he’s loose with the ball, backup quarterback Justin Worley will be taking over. How bad does he need to have a strong game against the Gamecocks on Saturday?

Bray’s position is on the line. Being pulled halfway through the season isn’t gonna look good on the NFL prospect’s resume.

4. USC has played considerably better at home than on the road, but after back-to-back losses, do the Volunteers see this as their opportunity to get a marquee win for the season and pull the upset?

That’s definitely Tennessee’s goal. Dooley wants it and the team has his back. They’re hungry, and they’re gonna jump on the first opportunity they see.

5. Prediction time — who ya got?

I’m going with a South Carolina win but hoping the Vols surprise everyone.