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SouthernLeague writes to new, stylish South

USC student Katie Rudder contributes to ‘Gridiron Belle’s’ magazine


After recently celebrating the fifth anniversary of her fashion blog, Let’s Be Preppy, fourth-year marketing student Katie Rudder is ready to celebrate something else: SouthernLeague Magazine.

“This was the first time I’ve had a byline other than in high school,” Rudder said. “I’ve done guest blogging and guest writing but nothing that was printed in a magazine like that so it was cool to see that.”

Started by author Christie Leigh Mueller of “Gridiron Belles,” SouthernLeague will come to Pink Sorbet on Devine Street Friday from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. The team will also tailgate on Saturday with the brand Olly Oxen before the Georgia game.

The magazine, by title and content, is a Southern one, but it is aimed at a “new South” as enumerated in Mueller’s editor’s letter.

“The ‘New South’ is innovative,’” Mueller said in an interview. “We really have this philosophy of play hard — no doubt about it — but work harder and look damn good while doing it.”

Mueller went on to explain that the magazine originally started off as a filler between the first and second edition of “Gridiron Belles,” but it grew into more than that.

For the debut issue, topics ranged from personal style to Greek philanthropy. Rudder’s article, which was pitched to her by Mueller after Rudder asked to join the team, is entitled “A Heart Divided: Dating the Enemy.” It offers tips on handling a significant other who attends a rival institution.

Though she personally hasn’t been in the situation, Rudder said it wasn’t hard to write the article.

“It’s kind of easy because either you know someone or you’ve seen it, or you were the one poking fun at someone’s boyfriend,” Rudder said. “One of my friends went on a couple dates with a guy from Clemson and we gave him a hard time.”

In addition to that printed article, Rudder has more articles coming and says she hopes to be with the publication for the long haul.

“When I saw [Rudder’s] blog I liked her writing style so I asked her to write a couple of articles,” Mueller said. “She was quick, responsive and followed up on her word so she’s written quite a bit for us.”

Mueller said it’s that kind of student that embodies the idea of a SouthernLeaguer — people she calls the “pioneers of the ‘New South.’” Mueller says that SouthernLeaguers are well-versed, open to new things and are proud to be intelligent.

Rudder and Mueller both said they hope to get more students involved with the magazine on campus because of what USC offers in comparison to other SEC schools with our urban campus, off-campus football stadium and tailgate culture.

Nine people were behind the debut issue of SouthernLeague, but now the magazine has around 15 interns. Though the next issue may not come out for another year, Mueller said that the website is updated daily and is not a regurgitation of printed articles.

“We’re a little old fashioned,” Mueller said. “We want people to buy the magazine so only about three of the articles in the printed magazine are online.”

You can purchase a copy of SouthernLeague or read their online content at You can also pick up an issue on Friday at Pink Sorbet during Mueller’s visit and signing for her book “Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie.”


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