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In our opinion: USC's new summer options help students

It seems USC has been busy trying to make the idea of summer school cool, and so far it’s succeeding.

For as long as we can remember, taking classes during the summer has meant having little freedom to schedule classes conveniently. But the new program is a stark change from previous years, when there were only three options to take classes over the summer.

Now students have the ability to choose from eight different overlapping terms and a much larger variety of courses.

USC added new summer programs for non-business students to partially complete a business minor and for students to pick up Portuguese and Italian, both of which have been popular with students.
This flexibility will hopefully help students complete their degree “on their own time,” as President Harris Pastides likes to say, and we agree.

We all have busy schedules, and expanding course offerings during the summer makes our lives a whole lot easier.

Not only does this allow us to spread out our education over a shorter time period, but it helps us down the road if we need to make up a class and makes it feasible to take a semester off to intern or
study abroad.

While no one’s sure how many students will take advantage of the new summer sessions, we’re glad
USC took the time to recognize our diverse needs and that we now have more ways to keep our brains active during the summer.


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