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Dozier great addition for USC faculty, community

It seems as if USC is making continued progress on the march towards becoming a better university for all. Just last month, we welcomed Dr. John Dozier as both a chief diversity officer and special advisor for online student services to the Gamecock family and we couldn’t be more excited.

Dozier, a Columbia native, comes to USC with plenty of experience — having been both the vice president and president of academic affairs and student services at Kennedy-Kind College — and we’re thankful that he decided to return to our neck of the woods as we are sorely in need of his expertise.

As an institution of higher education in a nation that’s expanding to become more and more diverse by the day, it’s important for USC’s administration to reflect the rapidly changing demographics around us. Diversity among not only the student body, but also the staff and faculty of our university will help reinforce the message that we are committed to cultivating and maintaining a multicultural and inclusive atmosphere.

In addition to his new position as chief diversity officer, Doizer will also be a special adviser for online student services. For this role, he will help ensure that all of USC’s students receive the same level of support services, regardless of whether they take classes on campus or online. This will even out the playing field for students deciding which route they want to take for they education, and we hope that his expertise can attract more students to the USC system.

Combining these two roles together it would be hard for Dr. Dozier to do anything but make a positive and profound impact on the university community at large. We wish him nothing but our support and our gratitude.


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