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Letter to the Editor: LGBT groups don't practice inclusiveness

I’d like to respond to Paul Semple’s article “Science Shows Homosexuality Not Choice.”

Why do supporters of the LGBT agenda always seem the need to viciously attack people that disagree with them by calling them “homophobes” and so on? Maybe it is because they have a shortage of facts in their arsenal. Do they even know what the word homophobic means?

The definition of the word “homophobic” is people who hate or are scared of homosexuals. I defiantly do not belong in either of those two camps, yet I oppose same-sex marriage and homosexuality as a lifestyle. By the way, I am not alone. There is a wide range of people who oppose homosexuality and for two very different reasons. Some because of moral objections including not only the much maligned Evangelical churches but also the Roman Catholic church, the Orthodox Church, Islam, Orthodox Jews, various Anglican Churches, some Mainline Protestant Churches, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Zoroastrians, etc.

The other reason people oppose homosexuality is to protect children. According to a study conducted by sociologist Mark Regnerus from the University of Texas at Austin, children raised by homosexual couples were more likely to deviate from societal norms in 77 out of 80 outcome measures in comparison to children raised by heterosexual parents. The simple fact is that the best way to raise children is with both a mom and a dad.

Getting back to the meat of Mr. Semple’s article, he points out that homosexuality is not a choice. However, the vast majority of people who identify as LGBT will tell you that their lifestyle is not a disorder. Well, rationally, homosexuality falls under one of those two categories. Yet the main talking points coming from the LGBT community espouse both sides. Either you choose to live that lifestyle, ergo a choice, or there is some biological basis for being homosexual, thus a disorder.

Either the LGBT community itself is confused, or they are purposefully perpetuating a lie. These questionable assertions made by the LGBT community, along with their vile attacks against anyone who disagrees with them, are probably the reason they are experiencing massive amounts of backlash around the globe such as the latest laws passed in Nigeria and Russia. They preach the gospel of inclusiveness, but yet from what I have seen; their brand of inclusiveness only extends to people that happen to agree with them.

—Terry Burgess, second-year pharmacy student