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Letter to the editor: Distinct evidence for homosexuality

CORRECTION: Due to an editing error, the author of this letter was initially misattributed. It was written by Paul “Gil” Semple, a fourth-year media arts student.

Being gay isn’t a choice, much like any other core characteristic.

I’d like to respond to Aaron McDuffie’s and Mark Peter’s entries in the Daily Gamecock in reference to the article “Supreme Court does not ‘invent’ new minorities”, and the response following.

I’d like to start by saying that yes, there is evidence of homosexual predisposition — at least for men. As far as males go, they’ve got their mothers to blame. Studies show that having older brothers increased the odds of a boy being homosexual. When a woman is pregnant with a boy, her body often sees the male fetus as a foreign object, and begins producing antibodies against it, feminizing it. With each successive male birth, the mother’s body becomes more and more adept at feminizing the child. So — with each male child — the odds of having a homosexual boy increase significantly.

Don’t trust my science knowledge? Let’s take a look at animals. Zebras, sheep, buffalo, elephants, cats, pigs and dolphins have all demonstrated homosexual tendencies in the wild. Did God make gay animals? I can’t imagine that anyone would believe these animals would choose to be gay, considering homosexuality actually goes against the Darwinian sense of survival.

Still don’t believe me? Then ask yourself the following: “Should I go gay?” If homosexuality is a choice, then shouldn’t we all, as human beings, have that option? Theoretically, couldn’t you wake up one morning and just decide to be a homosexual? Couldn’t all gay people then just “choose” to become heterosexual again? Maybe next time I’m coming up short in a search for a female companion, I’ll just “switch hit and find some guys instead!”

Even if being gay was a choice, why would anyone in today’s world choose to be treated unfairly and discriminated against? Why would anyone choose to be barred from legal marriage or prohibited from starting a family through adoption? To say that homosexuality is a choice is to say that humans can change their core personality on a whim, which we know to be false. In doing so, you’re not only setting our society back by verbalizing your backwards, homophobic viewpoint, you’re also hiding your face behind a blanket of ignorance.
— Paul “Gil” Semple, fourth-year media arts student