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Cyrus column needed better reporting

As I read the Viewpoints article by Emilie Dawson, I was appalled by her poor attempt at justifying Miley Cyrus.

To be honest, I care less about what Cyrus did and more about the shoddy journalism at work here. “…Thicke can blur the line of adultery, and somehow, it’s Cyrus’ fault.”

If any research at all was done before this article, then it probably would have found articles about how Robin Thicke spoke about the topless video and talked about how his wife responded to it. Apparently, she thought it was fantastic from an artistic perspective.

Even forgoing that, Paula Patton was recently topless in the movie “Pain & Gain,” so to be fair, what is so adulterous about Thicke’s video but not Patton’s performance? None of that makes sense.

Also, no one is blaming Miley for anything having to do with Robin Thicke. The backlash is again, how unexpectedly vulgar she was and has been with her newest video.

The entire article strives to take the shock factor away from Miley and to turn Robin Thicke into a pedophile with the creepy references to his child and the fact that some consider Miley a child. Next time, report all the facts instead of just skewing the basic Wikipedia search results.

_ —Alexis Fountain, fourth-year biology student_