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Guest Column: American-made goods good for all

At the moment, it’s very trendy to buy something that’s made in America. This is great news for people like my friend who owns his own American-made menswear shop in Brooklyn, N.Y.

He’s 23, lives in his store, works harder than any other young adult I’ve ever known and is forced to compete with brands like Urban Outfitters that enjoy a high mark-up on their products made cheaply overseas. Unfortunately, his business hinges on the fad lasting another season or two, though he’s not alone in his hope.

A conversation has been growing in the United States about buying American-made products as a means to bring manufacturing jobs that have been lost over the years back home from overseas. It’s been labeled the “Made-in-America Movement” and boasts an endorsement from the No. 1 retailer in the world, Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart is committed to putting $5 billion per year towards American-made goods, and many theorize this may provide the impetus to bring industry back to the states and create millions of jobs when competitors follow suit.

As we college students near graduation, we’re the generation of consumers that need to adopt this movement and make it a habit for the good of the country. Put simply, buying American-made products is an easy way to be a mouthpiece for the United States, support the economy and is free from the sway of political agenda.


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