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Letter to the Editor: Gun control only works on law-abiding citizens

Universal background checks only way to keep public safe

With the recent mass shooting in the Washington Navy Yard, the gun debate has re-emerged on the national scene. It is the latest of several horrific tragedies that have occurred in the past two years, and in the midst of these terrible crimes, many are pushing for even higher firearm restrictions. The concept of mass gun violence is truly terrifying, but what is even scarier is the possibility that criminals are being enabled by gun control.

A majority of the mass shootings in the past two years have taken place in “gun-free zones.” The logic behind these zones is simply to restrict firearm possession in specific areas, for the safety of the public. However, in reality, these zones provide little hindrance to a criminal with a loaded firearm and an evil intent. Gun control methods only work on the citizens that choose to obey the law. When public safety is at risk, a “gun-free zone” sign does nothing, and police are a response team before a protective measure.

With the presence of mass shootings in society, it is crucial that we work to protect our families and ourselves by resolving this issue. However, increasing gun control would only produce more potential targets. When we examine Chicago, Ill., we see strict gun control, but one of the highest gun crime rates in the nation. Alternatively, areas without the strict regulation have been known to deter gun crimes.

Gun crime is an unfortunate inevitability, and as the Second Amendment states, we have a Constitutional right to bear arms; taking away that right would only allow for more violence. The best response is to implement universal background checks; at the end of the day, guns in the wrong hands can take lives, but guns in the right hands can save lives.