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In Our Opinion: Ticketing system finally works well

Except for the students who somehow — we’re still confused about this one — managed to lose their CarolinaCards after 4 p.m. the Wednesday before the Thursday night home opener, the new student ticketing system seems to be running smoothly this year.

For the first time in as long as anyone on our staff can remember, the Student Athletic Tickets Office has finally concocted a system that has actually worked from the get-go, and that’s just plain great.
The weekly system on TicketReturn didn’t work because TicketReturn didn’t work.

And while it took way longer to create a well-designed ticketing system than anyone would’ve liked it to, we’re just glad that it finally got done. That’s all we ever wanted.

And with fewer ticketing problems, it seems more students are staying longer at the games. Maybe now that getting in is less of a hassle, more people will continue to stay, fill out the student section and cheer on the Gamecocks. The last thing we want is another public critique by Steve Spurrier, so this is a welcome change from last year.

So now that we’ve got a system that, for the most part, works, students have to use it correctly. That means keeping up with their CarolinaCards and actually showing up to the game. Just because Wednesday night is Pint Night doesn’t mean 200 people should lose their CarolinaCards. Come on guys, you can do this.

Here’s hoping that this new system keeps working this well for the Vanderbilt game Saturday. Only time will tell.


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