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Coliseum renovations good for USC

Growth is essential to expanding university

As a journalism student with a minor in hotel, restaurant and tourism management, a great portion of my time is spent in the Coliseum, so I was thrilled to hear about the plans for future renovations. The University of South Carolina has included in its budget request to Gov. Nikki Haley the plans for the renovation of the 45-year-old building. However, the university is not requesting the money for next year. Rather, it is asking that Haley agrees to engage in the major investment of revamping the building over the course of a few years to ensure that it is done right and that university administration won’t have to further raise tuition to compensate for the costs of the renovations. This plan, if executed well, is a good idea, not only for students such as myself who are enrolled in the schools that occupy the Coliseum, but also all students of the university who won’t have to pay higher tuition.

The plans for the Coliseum are extensive, and — as anyone who has spent a great deal of time there can attest — they are very necessary. The building is outdated, and the resources there are lacking. With the university expanding west over the next few years, the Coliseum could end up being a new student union. If it is expected to sustain use by as many students as currently use the Russell House, those renovations are critical.

This proposal could be a great thing for the university. While the expected date for these renovations is far in the future, the sizable benefits make it worth the wait. It is essential that as our campus expands and grows, the facilities improve with it.