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In Our Opinion: University should observe Veterans Day

In observance of Veterans Day on Monday, the city of Columbia hosted a parade down Sumter Street to honor those among us who have served in the military. USC, on the other hand, did not plan or put on any Veterans Day events.

There are more than 1,000 veterans currently enrolled at the university, and we think it’s a little strange that it didn’t recognize such an important national holiday, especially considering it has been recognized as a military-friendly school two years running.

Though schools are not legally required to close for Veterans Day, it’s a practice that we think should be pretty standard. For college students in particular, having a day off of class could mean an extra opportunity to visit and spend time honoring the veterans in our lives.

If the school isn’t going to host any events to honor those who have sacrificed so much while serving in the military, the least it can do is give us time to attend those events — like the Veterans Day parade that the city put on, for instance. We know, from the extensive list of support services USC offers veterans, that the administration cares about those that have served our country, but this Veterans Day was a missed opportunity to show the university’s support outright.

But as important as observing Veterans Day is, it’s just as important to recognize that Nov. 11 is not the only day that we should be thankful for the service men and women who have protected our freedoms.