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Parents Weekend: A fashion guide to Columbia


It can be hard to find good shopping in Columbia, especially if you’re used to being on a college budget and don’t get out much. Some great boutiques to check out are Vestique, Entourage and Bevello. There are some other stores scattered throughout Five Points, but these three are the best bang for your buck. They always have trendy things, so it’s impossible to walk out empty handed.

Vestique gets new products in so frequently you can go every few days and find something new you love. This is amazing and dangerous for your wallet. The boutique is located in Five Points, making it even more tempting to just “have a look.” Don’t worry, though: they always have affordable prices and a great sale section. Vestique has been carrying lots of tie-dye things recently, and when winter comes around they have the best big sweaters.

Entourage is also very accessible because it's located in The Vista, and it’s definitely the place for you if you’re looking to add some garnet to your wardrobe. Entourage has more of a hippie feel and is similar to Urban Outfitters, but with better prices.

Bevello is located on Forest Drive. Though it doesn’t have the prime location that Vestique and Entourage have, it always offers 10 percent off for students and faculty if you bring your USC ID. Bevello’s principle is "the love you get is the air you breathe," which essentially means the store is big on spreading love and wants you to "love your friends, love your life, love your clothes," according to their website.

If you can find enough time to make it to the mall, Altar’d State has one-of-a-kind, cute fall essentials. Their prices aren’t as reasonable, but they offer buy-three-get-one-free sales (one is going on right now).

Happy shopping!