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In Brief: 11/17/15

Governors refuse to accept Syrian refugees

According to USA Today, 23 governors requested means to prevent Syrian refugees from entering their respective states through executive order following the Friday, Nov. 13, terrorist attacks in Paris, France. The reasoning behind their action is due to fears about terrorism and threats to public safety, which has sparked national debate over whether individual states have the power to exclude people from their state based on national background. Twenty-two of the 23 governors are Republicans from mostly southern and Midwestern states, Gov. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire is the only Democrat.

Architect wins $2.4 million from City of Columbia

After a 10 year legal battle, The State reports that Columbia officials have paid $2.4 million to the architectural firm Stevens & Wilkinson. The payout, which was not made public by the city, ends a legal fight over collect fees Stevens & Wilkinson said they were owed in connection with a proposed Vista hotel that was never built. The settlement was confirmed Monday by council member Moe Baddourah. The city spent a total of $4 million in legal fees from taxpayer money.

French President committed to stopping ISIS

BBC reported on Monday French President Francois Hollande announced that he planned to “destroy” the terrorist group IS that orchestrated the terrorist attacks in Paris, France last Friday. After announcing to suggest changes to the French constitution in order to avoid resorting to a state of emergency and several other measures including 5,000 extra police posts in the next two years and no cuts to the budget for national defense, speeding up the deportation process to foreigners who pose a threat to security and pushing for more European involvement in stopping arms traffickers.