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Six posters you'll have in college

With the widely successful poster sale decking the tables of Russell House every semester, students are able to find inspiration to revamp their dated dorm rooms and show off their personal style. While some seek out images of indie bands or obscure paintings, several posters stand out as classics that define the college experience.

John Belushi

While he may not fit the traditional definition of a male model, John Belushi as he rocks his “COLLEGE” sweatshirt in "Animal House" has certainly made his mark on the walls of many students’ dorm rooms. His character’s role in the film represents the classic university attendee who realizes he is not the total frat star he assumed he would become. He’s relatable, fun and what college is all about. So whether or not kids these days have actually seen the movie, they proudly decorate with this timeless poster.

Bob Marley

You’re driving to college. You pop in that Legend CD, and your fears about your random roommate and impending exams fade away. You arrive. You see that cutie in your statistics class and think, “Could You Be Loved?” She miraculously agrees to meet you in Five Points. “Is This Love?” It’s not. “No Woman, No Cry.” Whether you’re hoping to commemorate the journey of life, peace and love, trying to show your "chill" side or you actually like Bob Marley, you can surely find numerous Marley posters anywhere.

The Wolf of Wall Street

A recent favorite, artwork of one of the film’s quotes, “On a daily basis, I consume …” appeared a popular choice during the fall sale. As soon as one person flipped to the poster, a line formed to grab a copy before they ran out. Although the Oscars may not have a history of supporting Leonardo DiCaprio, college kids are certainly working to fill that void.

Sports Illustrated

We all love the beauty of the waves crashing against the sandy shore as seagulls fly by, right? Well, these posters will likely trend for years to come. That is, unless high fashion prevails and women ditch their yellow polka dot bikinis for retro one-pieces or two-pieces that look more like a tank top and shorts than something you’d hop in the water wearing.

Pink Floyd / The Beatles / Nirvana

Despite the overwhelming presence of Taylor Swift and hip hop music around campus, students still want to demonstrate their appreciation of the bands who paved the way for modern artists. Long walks down Abbey Road, painted backsides and the effortlessly cool vibe of Kurt Cobain add the perfect touch of rock 'n' roll to your dorm, even when quiet hours hit.

Marilyn Monroe

An American icon and an inspiration to many young women, Marilyn Monroe adds the perfect touch of femininity to any male-dominated co-ed building. Whether you think “Imperfection is beauty,” “madness is genius” or “it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring,” a poster of Marilyn Monroe can boost your confidence before any final or Tinder date.