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4 movies that are so bad they're good

<p>Zombeavers is a movie about a&nbsp;classic college mountain trip gone wrong.</p>
Zombeavers is a movie about a classic college mountain trip gone wrong.

There are so many great movies out there — ones with well-written and intriguing plots, multifaceted characters and stunning set designs. For every good movie made, a terrible, cheesy film hits the screens at the same time. While inherently cringe-worthy, here are four movies that are so completely horrible that they are almost good.

"Zombeavers" (2015)

"Zombeavers" is the age-old tale of a classic college mountain weekend gone awry when the protagonists are attacked by radioactive zombie beavers. The movie isn’t one that takes itself too seriously, keeping to the typical campy horror movie staples of excessive gore and nudity, cliche one-liners and, of course, throwing relationship drama into the mix at weird and inopportune times. It’s actually difficult to tell whether the sheer absurdity of the movie is a purposeful decision, or a happy accident. The film has a 69 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, an impressive score for a movie that is, in all honesty, terrible. Ultimately, the terrible-ness ends up being part of the charm, and makes the movie the ideal watch for anyone who’s just looking for a fun, easy going movie about bloodthirsty semi-aquatic mammals.

— Delaney McPherson

"Batman & Robin" (1997)

There have been a lot of movies about the Dark Knight, but only one of them will really make you laugh. "Batman & Robin" is undoubtedly a bad movie, but you can’t help but enjoy the movie when you adjust your expectations. Whether it is George Clooney pulling out his “Bat-card” in a bidding war with Chris O’Donnell’s Robin over who gets Poison Ivy, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s over the top performance as Mr. Freeze or the infamous nipples on their superhero costumes, it all makes for some good fun. In our day, we have been blessed with incredible Batman movies, so it is fine if we have a not-so-good one to watch and have fun with.

— William Outlaw

"The Room" (2003)

With absolutely horrendous acting, a script that seems like it was written by an eight-year-old and some of the most disturbingly awkward sex scenes that film has ever seen, “The Room” redefines what a bad movie is. Referred to as “the 'Citizen Kane' of bad movies,” “The Room” attempts to tell a drama story about a love triangle between a banker, his wife and his best friend. The story it actually tells is a convoluted and nonsensical train wreck filled with completely unrelated and unresolved subplots and about 20 minutes worth of characters lightly tossing a football to each other in a circle. The movie is so bad that one of actors in the film wrote a book called “The Disaster Artist” talking about his bizarre experiences during the movie’s production and Seth Rogen and James Franco are currently working on making the book into its own movie. With such thought-provoking lines as “Leave your stupid comments in your pocket!” and “You’re just a little chicken,” “The Room” is something everyone should experience at least once.

— Darby Hallman

"The Master of Disguise" (2002)

Almost painfully stupid yet hilariously charming, "The Master of Disguise" focuses on the story of protagonist Pistachio Disguisey discovering the mythical art of disguise that he and his family are gifted with. When the bad guy, Devlin Bowman, captures his family, Disguisey must harness his hidden hereditary power of disguising to discover how to find and rescue his family. But of course, he needs the help of a beautiful assistant, who, as if the story wasn’t cheesy enough, Disguisey falls in love with. Although an interesting character at best and a weirdo at worst, Disguisey eventually wins over the viewers by the end. "The Master of Disguise" is somewhat strange but totally worth the grimaces for all the laughter that is sure to follow.

— Grace Batton


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