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Dress Like an Icon: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift makes an appearance at Good Morning America on Oct. 27, 2014. (Zelig Shaul/Ace Pictures/Zuma Press/MCT)
Taylor Swift makes an appearance at Good Morning America on Oct. 27, 2014. (Zelig Shaul/Ace Pictures/Zuma Press/MCT)

Taking on New York City with a style that shows off her unique personality while still keeping things professional, Taylor Swift is the perfect inspiration for any up and coming college student looking to step up their style.

An icon in many ways, these Swift-inspired fashion statements provide comfort and class to any city style.

Mix it up with a fun print or pattern

Whether it's floral, animal, plaid or some unique design, a print or pattern can set you apart from the crowd. Sometimes, you can play it up and make a statement among your peers. Other times it's nice to have a pop of pattern that enhances a look but doesn't overwhelm. For example, a black and white cheetah-print blazer is unique but still professional. Many times the smallest addition of a pattern, like a polka-dot collar on a blouse, can make all the difference.

When it comes to colors, a lot might not be such a bad thing

There are many ways to style a blue skirt, so it is understandable that wearing a bright yellow purse with it might be out of your comfort zone. However, Swift takes on the challenge and completely owns it. Whether it's blue with yellow, red with blue or green with burgundy, these combinations are completely up to you. They don't have to be the most vibrant hues of each color put together, but they can be colors you might not automatically think of putting together. You don't necessarily need a lot of each color — a little pop of color to an otherwise all-matching outfit can add that little extra spice to solidify the look.

One word: SHOES

A place to put this pop of color might be in the shoes. Many overlook the shoes as secondary to the outfit, but Swift will take them into account and use them to their fullest abilities. For instance, when she is wearing shorts and a simple tee, her shoes will either be a vibrant color, heels of some sort or both. The important thing to remember is that you have to feel comfortable and confident in them, because there is no point in wearing those incredible shoes if you can't walk properly in them.

Rose-red lips

Another idea is to keep the color in the clothes simple and use magnificent lipstick instead. Swift keeps it coordinated with bright red lipstick that matches her ever-so-classic striped shirt and high-waisted shorts — a ready-for-summer look. If this is what you want, pick a color that works with your skin tone — it doesn't have to be red — apply it, and rock it as you take on the world.

High waistlines can be flattering

Whether it's pants, shorts, a skirt or a swimsuit, Swift doesn't hesitate in using the high-waist line. This feature adds a little sass to any outfit, lengthens the line of your legs and is easy to incorporate into your closet. One easy way is to start with skirts, so that you can tuck in your blouses or pair it with a crop top. Another simple solution are high-waisted shorts, as these are sold in stores all around America in the summertime. All things taken into consideration, this look can make any beach getaway or hot summer day pleasantly posh.

Too-cool-for-school sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from the sun is important, and Swift does this with effortless style. Her Ray-Ban-inspired frames have various colors and materials. They can be thin framed with a metal loop holding the glass, thick framed in a bright red or blue, or they can be classic black frames. Any way you go, you can't fail with this accessory, which polishes off Swift's sassy and sleek street style.