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Remembering 9/11, looking to the future

09/11/2016 10:25am

Fifteen years after 9/11, seven of USC students and faculty reflect on how the deadliest attack on American soil changed both their lives and the world around them.

Documentaries increase awareness of sexual assault

04/04/2016 6:42pm

These four documentaries strive to uncover misconceptions about sexual assault, reveal injustice in the justice system when it comes to this type of crime and raise awareness about sexual assault in general.

Open Book Series features variety of novels

04/03/2016 7:30pm

The Open Book Series invites authors to discuss their books with students, and the third week is featuring Anthony Doerr's "All the Light We Cannot See."

Dress Like an Icon: Taylor Swift

03/27/2016 6:29pm

Taylor Swift is famous for her evolving, catchy music and her vibrant and classy street style. If you are a "Swiftie" and wish to be as fashionable as the star herself, read on, and make sure you have red lipstick on hand.

'Peter Pan' soars to Koger Center

03/16/2016 5:33pm

Experience the magic of Neverland through motion at Columbia City Ballet's performance of "Peter Pan" at the Koger Center.

'Peter and the Starcatcher' showcases multifaceted performances

03/15/2016 6:24pm

Fun, adventure and wonder take center stage at the Trustus Theatre with the whimsical performance of "Peter and the Starcatcher." The multifaceted characters and easy-to-follow plot come together to create a show that cleverly plays on a nostalgia that anyone can enjoy.

'Spotlight' journalist to discuss film's implications

03/14/2016 5:30pm

Investigative journalist Walter "Robby" Robinson, a key player portrayed in the 2015 film "Spotlight" about the coverage of the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal, will discuss the film's journalistic implications at an annual lecture Wednesday evening.

Spring break checklist

03/01/2016 7:21pm

With less than a week until spring break, preparing for a relaxing week can somehow become stressful. This list can help you remember those few important details before you embark on a week without the stress of school. 

'Still Life' portrays complicated effects of war

02/23/2016 7:01pm

The different style, timely parallels between wars and meticulous portrayal of the characters make "Still Life" a unique and engaging experience for audience members of all ages.

'Scapin': A brilliant and witty night of comedy

02/16/2016 5:40pm

A modern adaptation to a comedic classic, "Scapin" takes over the stage of the Longstreet Theatre, beginning Friday and running through Feb. 27. Vibrant colors, interactive set, thrilling music and incredible acting are sure to leave audiences satisfied.

Online exclusive: Arabian night is en pointe

01/27/2016 7:39pm

This weekend, prepare to be transported to the ancient land of Agrabah and follow the Arabian night's story of Aladdin as the Koger Center for the Arts is transformed by the Columbia City Ballet.

Franchise on the upswing with "The Force Awakens"

01/20/2016 6:16pm

We live in a time when we are constantly looking for something new to gain our attention. But a long time ago, the attention of millions was taken by the start of a phenomena of light and dark Force. Now, 30 years later, we are able to witness firsthand a long-standing, global phenomena and its new pieces as they unfold.

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