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Students react to MyEdu dropping USC courses


MyEdu's announcement that they will no longer provide their scheduling service to USC has left many students frustrated as they head into registration.

MyEdu is a website that assists college students in marketing themselves and planning their schedule. When USC students went to MyEdu to prepare for the fall semester, however, they were met with an announcement that the website will no longer be offering the scheduling feature for the university at the end of this month.

Second-year biochemistry student Hima Vinnakota was upset when she began to build her schedule and the Fall 2016 courses were not available.

"It made making my schedule take more time than necessary because I wrote out all of the class information and drew a weekly layout in my planner," Vinnakota said, adding that it brought on unnecessary stress in preparation for advisement.

First-year music student Caroline Landrum used MyEdu last semester and liked how organized and comprehensive the schedule feature was. It made everything much easier for her when attempting to create a schedule that wasn't too crazy, and the change has added to this struggle.

"I'm already frustrated about trying to figure out which sections of classes fit my schedule. I'm upset that now I won't be able to see exactly how long I'll be busy every day," Landrum said.

Third-year music theory student Adam Vernon-Young started using MyEdu when he was a freshman and is confused at MyEdu's decision to drop USC courses. The change has made registration this semester much more difficult for him and his peers who used the schedule planner from MyEdu.

"It gave me an interactive way to look up the classes I wanted to take and see exactly how they could fit into my schedule before I was advised. It was all on one screen and all inclusive." Vernon-Young said.

Fourth-year biology student Victoria Willingham used the feature help balance her academics, extracurricular activities, and scholarship requirements, and said that she thinks it will be especially hard for older students to adjust to tackling registration without the feature.

"Hopefully another site becomes available that can do the same thing or better yet, it would be great if would incorporate something like that for students," Willingham said.


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