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Pita Pit: Affordable, convenient and delicious

Time always seems to be an issue; we never have enough of it. This is especially apparent when it comes to food. Between classes, clubs, sports and more, students often find it hard to make time to cook a healthy meal.

Thankfully, Columbia offers a wide variety of restaurants on and near campus. Pita Pit is one of these fast and healthy options, and is located a quick five minutes from campus in Five Points.

At first, it can be a bit hard to find. The storefront seems built into a wall and can easily be missed driving by. But if you can find the Starbucks in Five Points, you can find Pita Pit. It is located right around the corner and up a couple of stairs.

When you walk in, the cash registers and pita-making setup are on the left, and a small dining area is located on the right. The atmosphere is a mix between Firehouse Subs and Subway.

The menu is what you would expect of a restaurant its size, offering pitas, salads and cookies. There are some twists in the menu, allowing different flavors for every taste. Vegetarians can try their garden, falafel or hummus pitas, and there are a large number of pitas for meat lovers to pick and choose from. 

Each person can be a little adventurous and try something outside of the box like a Mediterranean style pita, such as chicken souvlaki. Another nice feature is that you can turn your pita into a salad for a slightly healthier option.

Like Subway, each person chooses from a list of toppings, sauces and cheeses to customize their pita. You can choose toppings like the expected black olives and feta cheese or unexpected items such as pineapple and Sriracha sauce. Try something unusual, because it could become your new favorite.

After five to ten minutes, you have a freshly cooked pita or salad customized to your order, and that’s not even the best part. A typical pita will cost around $7, and is a large portion for its inexpensive price. Next time you want something affordable, convenient and delicious, invest a few minutes in ordering from Pita Pit.