Rachel Lunsford

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Carolina Productions fall sneak peek

08/03/2016 5:25pm

From comedians and film festivals to Olympians, Carolina Productions is hosting a variety of events this semester to appeal to as many students as possible.

Study Abroad Stories: Off to Madrid We Go

01/24/2016 6:39pm

Rachel Lunsford is a student at USC who is studying abroad in Madrid this semester. Learn about her experience firsthand as she preps to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Takeoff: Getting ready to study abroad

01/10/2016 3:52pm

Ten years from now, what do you believe you will remember? The moments you’ll remember most vividly are the ones where you took a chance and stepped outside of your comfort zone.

7 ways to enjoy fall

11/08/2015 8:36pm

Looking for a way to spend the new season? Here are seven suggestions.

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