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Waka Flocka gives high-energy performance at Music Farm

Waka Flocka performed with characteristic high energy at his sold out show at Columbia’s Music Farm on Thursday night. 

The doors opened at 8 p.m. and the show started off with Ben G., the Columbia raised rapper, opening up for Waka.  He spent time talking about how grateful he is to Waka for being his mentor and friend and helping him get to the point he is at now in his musical career. Ben G. got the show going and hyped up the crowd with his lyricism and delivery.

The audience somewhat impatiently waited after for Waka to come out, but they were kept occupied as DJ Whoo Kid played popular music.  The line to get in stayed full down the side of the Music Farm and the venue continued to fill all the way up until Waka’s entrance onto the stage. Many of the concert goers appreciated the small and personal feel of the Music Farm.

“It’s alright (The Music Farm). It’s packed, but it’s a good venue. You get close to the artist which is nice,” Ryan Gann of Columbia said.

Second-year psychology student, Lauren Hurley, commented on her appreciation for artists like Waka performing in Columbia.

“I think It’s good for the Columbia music scene because we don’t really have another place you know close to here that actually brings in popular artists like that so and it’s pretty inexpensive so that’s kind of awesome,” Hurley said.

Waka teased the crowd coming out on stage around 9:15 p.m. and jumping around then proceeding to play the drums before leaving until coming out again for his set a little after 10 p.m.  The crowd sang along and knew every word to well-known songs like “No Handz” and “O Let’s Do it”.  Waka occupied the entire stage and had just as much fun performing as everyone listening in the crowd.  He kept their attention with not only his raps, but he also threw water bottles periodically and filmed snapchat videos with the crowd on fan's phones.


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