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Crime Blotter 4/20/17

04/19/2017 10:19pm

The 1801 Grille sign was stolen, suspicious trash fires and more.

City celebrates historic Gamecock win

04/02/2017 10:42pm

The city of Columbia looks forward to the homecoming of the women's basketball team fresh off of their national championship win.  

Crime Blotter 3/23/17

03/22/2017 9:43pm

St. Patricks day weekend lived up to its hype and featured a higher than normal number of alcohol related incidents on campus. 

In Brief 3/16/17

03/15/2017 6:05pm

Things you need to know on Thursday, March 16.

In Brief 3/2/17

03/01/2017 8:52pm

Important things to know for Thursday, March 2.

In Brief 2/27/17

02/26/2017 11:23pm

I have determined that I will not be able to satisfy the Office of Government Ethics requirements without undue disruption and materially adverse divestment of my family's private financial interests." President Trump's nominee for secretary of the Navy, Philip Bilden said.

Crime Blotter Feb. 17 - Feb. 23

02/26/2017 10:05pm

Drinking was the demise for two separate Patterson residents, a man stood in the road with a baseball bat and a man slept in a stairwell last week in crime at USC. 

In Brief 2/23/17

02/22/2017 7:37pm

Important things to know for Feb. 23, 2017.

In Brief 2/20/17

02/19/2017 9:52pm

Everything you need to know for Feb. 20, 2017.

Crime Blotter Feb. 11 - Feb. 16

02/19/2017 8:59pm

A drunk student couldn't recall his birthday, a suspicious person was arrested in Greek Village, a CarolinaCard was stolen, USC and 650 Lincoln property was stolen and Bates House had a multitude of crimes. 

Crime Blotter: 2/4/17-2/10/17

02/12/2017 8:13pm

A student threw up in the Green Quad stairwell, a trespasser fell asleep on a Russell House couch, a coyote got caught in a trap, an SG elections banner was stolen and a homeless man slept in the Capstone bathroom this week in crime at USC. 

In Brief 2/9/17

02/08/2017 9:45pm

The most important things to know locally and across the country Thursday.

Crime Blotter: 1/28/17 - 2/4/17

02/05/2017 1:14pm

Green Quad was searched for drugs, a man stole protein bars from Barnes & Noble, a man had a backpack with essentials for beer pong and an intoxicated man was found banging his head in the elevator.

Weekly public affairs show premieres with first guest Nikki Haley

01/22/2017 6:26pm

"This Week in South Carolina," hosted by Dean Charles Bierbauer, will feature a conversation about the state's legislature, appearances from prominent guests like Nikki Haley and collaboration between ETV and journalism students in the Greenhouse Studios.

In Brief 1/23/17

01/22/2017 7:12pm

"This is extremely rare for our area, especially in January," said John Quagliariello of the National Weather Service about tornado watches for parts of SC.

In Brief: 11/22/16

11/21/2016 8:28pm

Kanye West canceled his show at Colonial Life Arena, an armed robbery was reported at California Dreaming and two teens were accused of throwing rocks at the highway. 

In Brief: 11/19/16

11/19/2016 7:30am

A student reported a rape at Winthrop University, a statewide ban has been issued on types of outdoor burning and Connor Shaw had a son. 

In Brief: 11/18/16

11/17/2016 4:03pm

Gov. Nikki Haley met with President-Elect Donald Trump, a man was arrested for reporting bombs at the White House and Charleston and the death of a local doctor remains under investigation. 

In Brief: 11/16/16

11/16/2016 10:16am

Residents are encouraged to stay inside as air quality in parts of the Midlands have reached code red, three local Bi-Los are being converted to Harveys and a man sprayed AXE body spray in his mouth during a DUI stop.

In Brief: 11/15/16

11/14/2016 8:47pm

Developers announced a $10 million dollar project to build boutique-style hotel in downtown Columbia, a local church held a service aimed at healing as a result of the divisive election and the super moon lit up the Columbia sky Monday night.

In Brief: 11/13/16

11/12/2016 10:01pm

The Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce was gutted in a fire that police are still investigating, police are looking into a possible murder suicide and a man fled a fatal hit-and-run in a stolen car. 

In Brief: 11/12/16

11/11/2016 9:40pm

A Trump protest has been planned for the Statehouse grounds, a man died after being struck by an acquaintance and a plane made an emergency landing on a highway. 

In Brief: 11/11/16

11/10/2016 10:44pm

The Governor threatens to remove all seven recreation board members, Columbia College will lower tuition prices and a man is charged for exposing himself at a local Starbucks. 

In Brief: 11/9/16

11/08/2016 8:33pm

A man reported being robbed and shot by two masked individuals, Sen. Tim Scott won a full term in the US Senate and Sen. LIndsey Graham did not vote for fellow Republican Donald Trump.

In Brief: 11/8/16

11/07/2016 9:46pm

Deputies arrested a Lexington County councilman for damage to his father-in-law's car, a man is charged for the accidental shooting of himself and two daughters and Kohlepp's death count continues to rise with a third body being found on his property. 

In Brief: 11/7/16

11/06/2016 9:36pm

A marine recruit died at Parris Island, wild hogs are being killed at Congaree National Park and a Lexington-Richland District 5 write-in candidate is running against the long time incumbent. 

In Brief: 11/5/16

11/05/2016 12:40am

Prisoners around the state were charged for operating and managing a drug ring, a gas leak led to evacuations and an undercover Sumter operation arrest two men for illegal drug activity. 

In Brief: 11/4/2016

11/03/2016 3:55pm

A pedestrian hit in downtown Columbia has died, a missing woman was found held captive and chained like a dog and a man was arrested in connection with a shooting. 

In Brief 11/2/16

11/01/2016 4:11pm

Retiring SC senator is being fined for campaign violations, an earthquake shook parts of the coast and an agreement has been announced to clean up radioactive waste at the Savannah River Site. 

In Brief 11/1/16

10/31/2016 7:44pm

At least several workers were injured in a gas pipeline explosion, absentee voting is up from previous general elections, and a former U.S. Attorney for South Carolina signs a letter criticizing FBI.

Flu vaccine clinics encourage prevention

10/12/2016 1:21pm

Student Health Services began its series of flu vaccines clinics to encourage students, faculty and staff to protect themselves from the virus. 

Spurrier honored at Tennessee spring game

04/17/2016 4:53pm

Former South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier and the University of Tennessee community put aside their differences at UT's spring game as Spurrier was honored on the field. 

Student senate begins term with wealth of action

03/23/2016 9:03pm

Student senate passed a variety of legislation at Wednesday's meeting, the second of the term, and Student Body President Michael Parks announced that the DUI charges against him from January have been dropped.

Student Government platform: Michael Parks

02/29/2016 11:12pm

Student Body President runoff election candidate Michael Parks plans to address off campus housing search, sexual harassment on campus, entertainment for students, game day experience and the House of Delegates if elected. 

Student Government platform: Trey Byars

02/29/2016 10:44pm

Student body president runoff candidate Trey Byars wishes to help students save money on parking tickets, maintain communication with board of trustees and encourage student engagement. 

In Brief: 3/1/16

02/29/2016 5:56pm

An intersection is set to be renamed after a fallen officer, the Midlands is going to receive $157 million for flood recovery and a Richland councilman was charged with a DUI. 

In-Brief 2/24/16

02/23/2016 8:32pm

North Carolina man charged after deputies found meth in his rectum. Teens in Rock Hill were charged in BB gun puppy shooting. Eleventh Circuit Solicitor has been arrested for DUI.

Presidential candidates campaign in Columbia

02/14/2016 10:13pm

Sen. Tim Kaine will speak on behalf of Hillary Clinton's campaign, Bernie Sanders will visit Russell House Theater and Ted Cruz will hold a rally in Columbia. 

Briefing: 2/11/16

02/10/2016 7:27pm

This week in brief: The Gamecock women's basketball team lost to UConn, Carly Fiorina suspended her campaign, Marco Rubio campaigned at a town hall in Columbia and Richland County Councilman Kelvin Washington was put on probation. 

In Brief: 2/9/16

02/08/2016 8:45pm

Today in brief: Two Sumter residents have been charged in connection with injuries, including broken and fractured bones, sustained by their 9-week-old child. Columbia adult store, Taboo, is changing ways in which it is run in order to stay open and avoid penalties. Troopers are still looking for a tractor-trailer believed to have been involved in a hit-and-run that left one dead and one injured.

Olympic skater endorses Clinton campaign

02/04/2016 11:34pm

Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan advocated for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign at the College Democrats' "Fighting for Us" forum on Thursday night. Kwan and many others support Clinton for her belief in empowerment of all American people.

10-Year Anniversary of Healthy Carolina

11/09/2015 6:36pm

After going strong for the last decade, Healthy Carolina celebrated 10 years of the healthy campus initiative Monday night at the Darla Moore School of Business.

Hundreds attend Rubio speech at Russell House

08/27/2015 10:04pm

The Russell House Ballroom was standing room only Thursday as hundreds students filed in to listen to Republican presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio give a Town Hall meeting.

Sugar Bear's Frozen Custard to open doors

08/25/2015 6:42pm

Many students regularly frequent Beezer's, the popular sub shop on Sumter Street that delivers and stays open late. Soon, customers can also extend their business next door at Sugar Bear's Original Frozen Custard.

Lindsay Richardson talks leadership, post-college plans

03/23/2015 8:58pm

March is Women’s History month, and as a part of the calendar of events hosted by the Leadership and Service center, a student spotlight was held Monday night featuring University of South Carolina Student Body President, Lindsay Richardson.

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