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Classic movies to binge-watch this Halloween

<p>Halloween is the perfect holiday to binge watch all of the best horror films&mdash;like the 1978 classic, "Halloween."</p>
Halloween is the perfect holiday to binge watch all of the best horror films—like the 1978 classic, "Halloween."

Halloween is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate than to watch some scary movies? If you're ready to kick-off the holiday early, then grab some friends, turn out the lights and enjoy a scary movie marathon. Below is a list of classic childhood Halloween movies and modern horror films for the ultimate scary movie lover. 

'Hocus Pocus'

For those unfamiliar with the cult classic, “Hocus Pocus” is most definitely not your typical scary movie. The film follows three witches who were executed during the Salem witch trials in 1693. The witches are resurrected 300 years later and are causing trouble in modern-day Salem. It's up to Thackery Binx, a boy who was turned into a cat, to save the day from the witches' wrath. Needless to say, “Hocus Pocus” is not a gory, jump-scare film but a fun Halloween classic. 


Any millennial would be surprised if this movie wasn't on the list. A Disney Channel masterpiece, “Halloweentown” will always live in my childhood memories as the epitome of Disney Channel movies. The movie is centered on Halloweentown, which is a magical place separate from the real world where skeletons, goblins and witches all live. Marnie, the main character, follows her grandmother, who is a witch, onto a bus leading to Halloweentown. What follows is a movie that could rival "Harry Potter" for its magical splendor. 


Remember that white mask from your childhood? Chances are it was inspired by this classic. Released in 1978, this film has influenced Halloween culture. When Michael Myers was just 6 years old, he killed his sister with a knife on Halloween. What follows is his escape from a mental hospital and erratic mayhem. Set in a small Midwestern town, this film is the epitome of a creepy slasher Halloween movie. 

'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

This stop-motion film is definitely a throwback to childhood. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is perfect for those who like Halloween but are also looking forward to upcoming holidays. The story follows Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloweentown, who finds himself in Christmas Town. A Tim Burton masterpiece, this film is a must-see on the Halloween movie marathon list. 

'The Houses October Built'

What functions as arguably the one true horror movie on the list, “The Houses October Built” is a good scare. The film follows a group in search of the best and scariest Halloween attractions. They definitely find a scare worthy of their time. As with “The Blair Witch Project,” this film is shot in a found footage manner. 

'Lost Tapes'

If you are in the mood to binge watch myth and legend stories, “Lost Tapes” is the show for you. This television series chronicles the backstories of different legendary creatures and the “real” footage from those who have encountered the them.  One especially freaky episode is “Wendigo,” which is about an axe-wielding killer deer. There are 34 episodes, which is definitely enough to kick off Halloween with a scare — and perhaps some nightmares.

Whether in the mood for a lighthearted or grim take on Halloween, this list will set you up with a classic themed movie night. So, pop in a classic to set the mood before you take your costumes out on the town and you’ll be blasted back to childhood — when “Halloweentown” seemed just as real as any other city.


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