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Student Endorsement: Hillary Clinton

Voting is an act of moral weight. The choices of the leaders we elect will have a material effect on millions of lives.  Therefore, all those who are eligible to vote are obligated to perform that service. They are also obligated to seriously think about their choice.

Many of those who cannot vote — including children — will be affected by a decision in which they have no say. We owe it to them in particular to choose our leaders with great care.

With that in mind, let's compare our two major candidates:

Hillary Clinton is smart. She is smarter than most people, which is why she is about to assume the presidency. She is hyper-informed on policy and has the necessary political skills to bring that policy into being to some extent. She is the only person running who believes that vaccines do not cause autism.

Donald Trump is a fool. Even if he had the capacity to learn policy, he does not care enough about the issues to begin studying them. I bet you all the money in my pockets against all the money in your pockets that he has not read a book all the way though in the last 30 years, with the possible exception of those that he had ghost-writers pen for him. But even then I doubt it.

Hillary Clintonhas problems. She has a penchant for secrecy that gets her into deserved trouble once in a while. It poses real concerns about how she would run her administration. She is also ideologically flexible and bends toward hawkishness.

Donald Trump is an evil person. Under oath, Trump's first wife said that he raped her. He bragged about trying to "f---" someone who he knew was married and said he "moved on her like a b----." He stopped paying for the medical treatment of his severely ill infant nephew because of a petty family dispute over money.

These are verifiable facts.

I am voting for Clinton because voting for Trump would put my soul at hazard and because there is no moral way I can abstain from voting.

You should vote for her, too, and for the same reasons.