Crime Blotter: 1/28/17 - 2/4/17

They don't just call it Green Quad because of its dedication to environmentally friendly practices and sustainability. Police were advised of a drug complaint Monday night at the dorm. The smell of marijuana was evident and when police entered the room the residents directed them to their roommate's door where the odor was coming from. She admitted to smoking prior to their arrival, but the cops didn't find anything incriminating other than a single bottle of Heineken, a bowl and a grinder.

One student just couldn't shell out the approximately $10 for his protein bars and instead stole them. A male took three Quest bars from the Russell House Barnes & Noble Monday morning without paying. Staff provided officers with an image of the shoplifter. For all the trouble the thief caused, I hope they were at least S'mores flavored.

Cops discovered a student with a backpack containing an entire portable beer pong game complete with 13 red Solo cups, two ping pong balls and a bottle of Captain Morgan. They were responding to a verbal altercation at Woodrow College Saturday when they noticed the suspicious bag that also contained rolling papers and 4.7 grams of what appeared to be marijuana. The student told the officer the backpack was not his and that he didn't know what was inside. Even so the 'party on the go' landed him with a minor in possession and simple possession of marijuana citation.

An intoxicated male ended his Saturday night early last week when he was observed around 5 p.m. banging his head against the wall in the Cliff Apartments elevator. The RM led police to his room where he was lying in his bed surrounded by vomit. The student told them he had six beers and four shots earlier at Columbia Hall and he believed he was still there during the entire incident. It's unclear whether the excessive alcohol consumption or banging of his head caused the confusion.

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