Opinion: Our identity can be written in the stars

In the era of new-age witchcraft and manic pixie dream girls, horoscopes are making a comeback. 

Working as the idea that there is some supernatural relationship “between the position and movement of celestial bodies and actual events in the human world,” horoscopes usually come in the form of terribly inaccurate Tumblr posts comparing a specific star sign to arbitrary objects or “aesthetics.” 

But some people actually believe their star chart readings, and for good reason. Now, astrology is not a scienceeven if 58 percent of people age 18 to 24 believe it is — but it still acts as a very popular way to characterize yourself. So, why do people have such a problem with modern day zodiacs?

Well, a lot of websites seem to chalk it up to the millennial scapegoat, saying that “astrology is perfectly suited for the internet age,” in that it is simple and accessible — which it is. All you have to do is be born to participate, and that isn’t a bad thing.

The best things in life are things that are easily relatable and shareable. Just ask Twitter. Especially with the meme culture we have on mass media, millennial and Generation Z people are quickly clutching onto this form of an identity marker.

Many people are uncomfortable in their character, and rarely have themselves figured out, but reading broad generalizations every week can work as “affirmations,” or as a way to justify your less glamorous sides. It’s like those terrible Buzzfeed quizzes we take (but never admit to taking). We want to know what our best trait is and if our current relationship will work out, regardless of the fact that Buzzfeed sometimes bases those things on your favorite pizza toppings. 

In the same remark, I can always chalk up my stubbornness or moodiness to a quick but meaningful “ugh I’m so sorry, I think Mercury is in retrograde” remark.

I don’t see how finding your identity in your zodiac as a bad thing. In fact, I think it's quite positive. While I’ve had friends who have let their bad qualities define them, saying “Oh I’m just a terrible person,” as if that excuses their actions, horoscopes usually focus on the positives. And when there are negatives, they describe how to work against them. Identity isn’t a single-path definition of character. It is so much more.

The zodiac allows people to understand their complexity of personality, even if it is a bit off. Let yourself get lost in the clichés that are written in the stars every once and again. We’re young and unsure of ourselves, so why not let this help you find out your path? 

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