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Letter from the editor: Cherish every 'last'

As I finish out my four years here at South Carolina and my time as the editor-in-chief of The Daily Gamecock, I have felt myself labeling everything as the "last.” The last day of class, the last night of production, the last function, the last late-night Cookout run, and this, the last thing I will create for The Daily Gamecock. 

The word “last” makes it all feel as definite as it is. 

People really aren’t exaggerating when they say your time in college flies by. Even with my cap and gown hanging up in my closet, I still feel like things aren’t really ending, like I still have so much more time left, and maybe that’s because part of me isn’t really leaving. 

I’m not a big fan of the word legacy. So instead of leaving a legacy, I’m just leaving a small part of me behind in The Daily Gamecock. I won’t be leaving this campus as long as The Daily Gamecock continues.

The Daily Gamecock has seen so much change in just the four years I have been a part of it, and I can only imagine what it will be like in another four years. I take comfort that one thing will always be constant — the small contributions I’ve made at The Daily Gamecock as a photographer, writer and editor-in-chief. Those things are definite.

The past four years have absolutely flown by, but this last week everything seems to be moving so slowly. Maybe time has slowed down so that I can cherish all the “lasts” and prepare myself for all the “firsts” I will encounter after I cross that stage. I’ll always look back on all the “lasts,” but I’m excited for all the “firsts” in my future. 

It’s been a pleasure serving the Carolina community in every role I’ve had here at The Daily Gamecock. 

Here’s a health Carolina, and forever to thee, Daily Gamecock. 

— Tori Richman


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