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Opinion: Social media can uplift, inform, connect

Because social media can be a dark place, it seems few people take time to consider its positives. Social media often gets a bad rap for spreading misinformation and fear mongering, but it can be used for beautiful things too. 

First, social media is an excellent way to push information out to people, especially college students. Most organizations on campus, such as Capstone Scholars, use Instagram to communicate with students. These organizations can use the platforms to spread news and publicize events.

Social media can also bring attention to important causes like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It has the powerful ability to reach thousands to raise publicity for its cause. This is compounded by social media's ability to target audiences who will appreciate the content the most.

Social media can also be used to spread positive messages, inspiring quotes and uplifting thoughts to those who need them, like on the National Eating Disorders Association Twitter page. This sharing of sentiments often presents a new perspective to viewers, which can help them view their current circumstances differently.

Social media also gives people the opportunity to talk about shared experiences when they might not be able to otherwise. One such example is #AbledsAreWeird. This hashtag is used for disabled people to talk about awkward encounters they’ve had with able-bodied people. Because of the power of social media, these people can share a sense of camaraderie and knowledge that this kind of stuff doesn’t only happen to them.  

Arguably the best trait of social media is that it allows us to keep in touch with loved ones that are physically far away. This is especially true for college students that often go to school far away from home. Through the wonders of social media, we get to see what our friends are doing and what they are enjoying about their lives, even when we can’t be there to enjoy it with them.

Though social media has a lot of problems, it has a lot of beautiful advantages in allowing people to share their lives and passions with each other. 

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