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SG Cabinet Recap: Clemson SG team up to address mental health, new student union inspiration

Student Government focused on its partnership with Clemson University's Student Government to address mental health and new student union inspiration during its weekly cabinet meeting.

Student Body President Luke Rankin said Student Government has teamed up with Clemson's student body president to film a video to raise mental health awareness to be released during rivalry week. Rankin said he's filming his portion of the video Wednesday at Williams-Brice and Clemson's student body president will film hers this week as well.

"We stand together as students, as South Carolinians, as one when it comes to mental health and mental health awareness," Rankin said. 

He also said he wants to continue to focus on mental health year-round, to continue addressing it and making it a part of the Gamecocks' football game day experience. 

Rankin said he also visited Texas A&M's Zachry Engineering Education Complex and Memorial Student Union last weekend and drew inspiration from those two buildings for USC's new student union. While they're both larger than what's possible for USC's plan, Rankin said he still found aspects and inspiration for what he wants to bring to USC.

Rankin said he wants "a front door to our Russell House" to be visible and distinct to students and visitors because he said the Russell House is confusing to some by having multiple entrances and no main entrance.

"It reminded me of the Darla Moore School of Business and just this very modern open clean line, open-air functional space that would allow students to have a vibrant place to study and collaborate," Rankin said of his visit to Texas A&M's student union.