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PlantBot 2.0 art exhibit displayed at McMaster Gallery

09/14/2018 12:31am

PlantBot 2.0 is a satirical art exhibit on the potentially dangerous impact the genetic engineering of plants and crops could have on the environment. Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki's exhibit remains on display until Oct. 11 in the McMaster College art gallery.  

Healthy Carolina encourages healthy lifestyle for students

09/03/2018 6:55pm

Healthy Carolina provides students and staff with guidance on how they can live healthy lifestyles. From farmers markets to online evaluations, the goal of Healthy Carolina is to inform and motivate the Carolina community to make healthy choices.

Freshmen experience retooled First Night Carolina on Horseshoe

08/22/2018 12:28pm

The Horseshoe welcomed freshmen to the USC during First Night Carolina. Previously, First Night Carolina was held at Colonial Life Arena or Williams Brice Stadium, but now it begins on the Horseshoe and ends as a block party on Greene Street. 

Faculty members create virtual worlds in boot camp

07/03/2018 10:02pm

Faculty learned about 360-degree technology, virtual reality systems, augmented reality applications, the operation and creation of virtual worlds and how to integrate that technology into the classroom.

University expands access to virtual reality

06/19/2018 10:28pm

Three professors are currently implementing virtual reality into their courses and a boot camp will be held at the end of June to teach more professors, students and staff how to use virtual reality in the classroom. 

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