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Advice for successful semester

What, in your opinion, are the most important things for students to do during the semester?

  • If you're ever not sure if you should put in extra effort, apply for a leadership role or take on a big assignment, just do it. You'll thank yourself when it's job search time for having an impressive resume, but if you ever feel like something is too much, it's OK to take a step back. - Genna Contino, editor-in-chief
  • Get as involved as you can on campus, whether it's by joining student organizations or just being aware of what's going on (by reading our paper). It's your home for four years, be a part of it! - Alyssa Rasp, assistant photo editor
  • Take care of your mental health and well-being. School is stressful and sometimes it’s necessary to take a day off and give yourself a break. - Kira Norwood, engagement director
  • If you start to feel overwhelmed, step back and reach out. People are very willing to help — just ask. - Clara Bergeson, opinion editor
  • Planning your time. Having an idea of when you'll be busy and when you'll be free gives an idea of how your semester will go. From there, you can progress through the year more prepared. - Remi Brebion, senior copy editor
  • Getting involved in student organizations that will enhance your skills and your resume. You will meet friends along the way with common interests and broaden your horizons. Classes can only teach you so much, so get involved. - Matthew Edwards, sports editor
  • The spring semester is a great time to commit to extracurricular activities. Without the distraction of football season, Saturdays are free for volunteering and participating in clubs around campus. Don't let the extra free time pass idly by! - Stephanie Allen, assistant opinion editor
  • Don’t take warm spring days for granted! Spend time on the Horseshoe, go on a walk near the river or grab some friends and head to the beach for a day. Sometimes fresh air can be the best cure for stressful days. - Kenna Coe, assistant arts and culture editor
  • USC is situated in such a perfect spot for adventure. Beaches, mountains and major cities are just a few hours’ drive away. Give in to your wanderlust, take some spontaneous road trips and make time to explore. Especially for out-of-staters. - Nick Sullivan, arts editor
  • Don’t be afraid to take time off. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you look at all the classwork and extracurricular responsibilities you might have. If that happens, take a little break and do something you find fun or relaxing. - Makayla Hansen, copy desk chief
  • Say “yes” to as much as you can! Four years go by so fast and you do not want to look back and regret missing out on things, such as getting involved on campus, going out with friends or taking spontaneous weekend trips to new places! - Taylor Sharkey, design director
  • Go into your professor’s office hours! Every time I leave office hours I always feel better than when I went in. Building relationships with professors is really important not only for your success in the class, but also in the long run. - Erin Slowey, creative director
  • Manage your time effectively. Especially if you’re a busy student, it’s important to make sure that you’re spending an adequate amount of time for each of your classes. Also, go out with friends and enjoy your time in college, but also pay attention to your spending. - Joseph Leonard, senior news writer
  • Do what you have to do so you can spend more time doing what you want to do. Try new things and meet new people whenever you have the opportunity and spend your time outside of your apartment or dorm room! - Alex Finger, assistant design director
  • Learn to manage your stress effectively. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to your friends or consider going to the free counseling offered on campus. USC also has resources in the health center, such as yoga and meditation, aimed at reducing stress. Be sure to only bite off as much as you can chew — don’t be afraid to leave a club or organization, drop a class or whatever else you need to do to ensure you stay sane. - Anna Mock, copy desk chief


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