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Recap: Nightlife safety, Carolinian Creed campus visibility discussed at semester's final meeting

Student Government cabinet members discussed on-campus safety, the Carolinian Creed and counseling session donations in the final meeting of the semester.

Casey Hamlin, safety and transportation secretary, gave an overview of last night's safety walk with USCPD, where Student Government members walked throughout campus testing blue light emergency systems and pointing out blind spot areas and dim areas on campus. Hamlin also discussed next semester's nightlife safety campaign and his efforts to work with the City of Columbia in regards to electric scooters since the year-long ban deadline is approaching next month.

"It's making sure that all of our safety precautions as a university, whether it's an infrastructural, lighting, safety, bogs, different things that are across our campus, that they're operational, and that any blind spot areas [will be fixed]," Student Body President Luke Rankin said.

Rankin also said the Carolinian Creed is "incredibly" important for students to remember and follow and that he wants to add life-size posters and displays of the Carolinian Creed in each college building around campus. One of these life-sized posters is on display in the Arnold School of Public Health.

"It's understanding that this is something that as students at this university, we abide by these, we look at this, this is not just words that are hopes of wisdom, that this is something that has some meaning," Rankin said. "Something that, we respect, we uphold tenets of what it means to be a part of our community, something that there's some value behind."

There was also a discussion about students donating counseling sessions to those who have surpassed their 10 free sessions. However, Rankin said this proposal was in its infant stages and could not be accomplished by the end of his term in late March.