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USC board of trustees passes motions in support of change in USC Medical Group

The board of trustees met this morning to discuss changes to the USC School of Medicine Greenville Operating Agreement with Prisma Health and the relationship between Prisma Health and the School of Medicine trust.

The Prisma Health — USC Medical Group is a nonprofit health organization which combines health workers from University of South Carolina School of Medicine and Palmetto Health. USC School of Medicine students have opportunities to gain experience in the field by working through the organization.

One of the changes discussed for the future of the Prisma Health — USC Medical Group is that the Medical Group trust will be withdrawing from the group, at least in terms of responsibility for actions taken by “employees” the School of Medicine provides for Prisma.

“From the educational trust perspective, it's more what I call just corporate. We will actually give a resignation letter to move out of this thing,” Secretary Treasurer of the Trust Jeff Perkins said. “There's no financial impact to us at this time, they’re still going to be employed, at least to them, we are just not going to be directly responsible for the actions taken by PRISMA.”

The Greenville School of Medicine Operating Agreement, which “lease employees,” was originally reviewed every 10 years.   

The board met to discuss a change to a review every five years. What this agreement will be doing, is going over and “renewing and documenting,” Perkins said. 

“We wanna make sure other stuff is documented. Like Dean Jenkins mentioned, they’ve given us – use of the buildings and stuff like that. We just want it documented,” Perkins said. “And we originally did a 10-year plan. We’re coming up to the end of this 10 years, so now we’re going to go five years at a time going forward.”

These motions brought up to the board are voted on and put into action by the USC Medical Group trust itself among its own trustees. The USC board of trustees passed motions today  supporting the trust in making these changes, which the Medical Group trust voted for and passed on Feb. 10.  


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