The Daily Gamecock

Poem: Changing of seasons

This bright world had

Enwrapped me in painful solitude.

I understood the leaves hurt

As the trees gave them up

And forced them over

the edge.

I was in the mix of the past

And did not focus 

On my future, my own world.

I understood 

Nature, but not,

Why the flowers mourn

The change of time as they

Fade away for another hundred days.

This bright world has

Enwrapped me in joyful solitude.

I understand the leaves as they

rustle and prepare for

The change of seasons.

I am in the mix of time

And space which has frozen,

Under the pull of this planet's

Raging atmosphere.

I understand nature, but not,

How these flowers sing with

The joys and love for

The arriving spring.

This bright world will

Enwrap me in simple solitude.

I will understand why the leaves

Change color and why they burn

With a brightness that cannot

Be comprehended.

I will be in the mix of

Telling stories around a campfire,

That will burn white and blue.

I will understand how flowers

Must die so their children can grow

In their place

And my view on nature

Will only blossom 

With the lure of

Changing seasons.


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