Poem: The thing about love

Cera Hansen / The Daily Gamecock

the thing about love is

that it breaks your heart

it shatters you into tiny little pieces,

leaves you doubled over in grief

just trying to catch your breath.

the thing about love is

is that you don’t see it coming

it’s suddenly there

its hands reaching down your throat

until it finds its home under your rib cage

nuzzled there next to your heart

filling a space you didn’t realize was empty.

the thing about love is

is that it can knock the air

out of your lungs, leave you so breathless

you forget you need to breathe

until you’re forced to come back up for air.

it tells you, “he is the one, she is the one,

damn, they are the one.”

the thing about love

that no one tells you about

is how much better it can make you:

when you’re sad and

your dad says, “it’s okay.”

when you feel alone and

your mom hugs you.

when you hate the world

and your brother makes you laugh

or your sister takes you to lunch,

no words between you.

when you want to give up

and your friends lift you back up

and hold you up until you feel

like you can breathe again

because what they don't

tell you about love

is that it is more than just

butterflies and firsts and

falling head over heels

but it is also,



warm food on a cold night,


windows down on a fall day,

summer beach days.

that’s the thing about love:

it’s up to you

to feel it.

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