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Guide to Columbia takeout near campus

Many people might be wary of dining in at restaurants this fall, but in a city like Columbia, there are so many good restaurants that it’s hard to resist eating out. Luckily, most restaurants now offer pick-up and delivery options so you can enjoy your favorite cuisines without putting your health in jeopardy. Here are some of our favorite Cola restaurants with social distancing-appropriate options. 

Tio’s Mexican Cafe and Cantina 

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 4-min. walk 

Delivery Options: Delivery within a 6-mile radius, takeout, dine-in

Our top picks: Signature enchiladas, chimichanga

A laid-back Mexican restaurant just minutes from the Horseshoe, Tio’s Mexican Cafe and Cantina is the best place to grab a late-night bite after a long study session at Thomas Cooper. Its proximity to campus makes it a good option for last-minute delivery to the dorm. 

Village Idiot Pizza 

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 18-min. walk 

Delivery Options: Delivery, takeout

Our top picks: Village Special, The Godfather

Everyone loves pizza, and Village Idiot is a USC favorite for it. There are three locations in Columbia, but the Five Points restaurant is closest to campus. If you live in Capstone, you’re in luck — it’s only about a 10-minute walk away. Grab a couple friends to go pick up some pies, or call and order for delivery. Either way, it’s an easy option for an off-campus treat. 

Green Olive Restaurant 

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 6-min. walk

Delivery Options: Delivery, takeout, dine-in

Our top picks: Chicken shish-kebab, gyro wrap

For nights when you’re not in the mood for basic college cuisine, try Green Olive. The Mediterranean restaurant is a little pricier than the average pizza or sandwich, but it’s worth it. You’ll find your palate expanding in no time, and with such a wide menu there is room to play it safe or try something totally new. 

Hibachi House 

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 6-min. walk

Delivery Options: Delivery by third party, takeout 

Our top picks: Hibachi steak, teriyaki chicken bento box 

Hibachi House is another takeout option that is ideal for college students. It’s well-priced, and you get a bang for your buck with portions large enough to save for leftovers. If you want it delivered, you’ll need to use a service like Postmates, but it’s so close to campus that picking up food yourself does not require much effort. Just make sure to ask for extra white sauce. 

Beezer’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop 

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 4-min. walk

Delivery Options: Delivery, takeout

Our top picks: Godfather sub, Great Balls of Fire hot bun

Casual recipes like salads or sandwiches are the specialty at Beezer’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop, a small restaurant so close to campus, it’s basically on it. Menu items range from hearty subs to lighter vegetarian sandwiches and are perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.

Cantina 76 on Main Street

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 12-min. walk

Delivery Options: Takeout, dine-in

Our top picks: Fried chicken taco, BBQ shrimp taco

While Tio’s is a good option for the Mexican food most of us are used to, Cantina 76 does Mexican with a twist. Creative taco recipes like the chicken teriyaki and the Peruvian shrimp mix cuisines for an unconventional representation of a classic Mexican meal. Both Columbia locations do takeout orders, and there is also outdoor seating if you want to enjoy the atmosphere but aren’t comfortable sitting inside.   

Grill Marks 

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 20-min. walk

Delivery Options: Takeout, dine-in

Our top picks: Greenville Hot Chicken Sandwich, Marks Classic Combo

Located in the Vista, Grill Marks is a good spot for greasy and filling meals like burgers and fries. While it’s about 20 minutes from the Horseshoe, online ordering from their website makes it easy to get takeout. By the time you walk over there, the food will be ready for pickup. 

The Southern Belly BBQ

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 17-min. walk

Delivery Options: Takeout, delivery

Our top picks: Traditional sandwich, Southern Belly Dipper 

You can’t go to school in the South without indulging in barbecue — and The Southern Belly BBQ was deemed the “Best Barbeque” in Columbia. Choose your sandwich and your sauce, and don’t skimp on the toppings. This barbecue will leave you fully satisfied. 

Drip Coffee Main Street

Proximity to the Horseshoe: 15-min. walk

Delivery Options: Takeout

Our top picks: Nutella French Toast, Mocha 

Both the atmosphere and menu lend to the appeal of Drip Coffee. If you’re tired of Starbucks and want high-quality coffee, this is your best bet. While there are two locations — Main Street and Five Points — Main Street is closer and has a funky, music-inspired vibe. 


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