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Playlist of the week: Quarantine

03/29/2020 7:02pm

This extended time at home might be unfortunate, but it is the perfect opportunity to discover new music. Here's a quarantine playlist to get you started. 

Column: Brunch places thrive in Columbia

02/02/2020 7:27pm

Brunch is always a popular meal, both for its opportunities to spend time with family and friends and for the food. In Columbia, brunch culture is thriving because of restaurants such as Cafe Strudel, Drip and Eggs Up Grill. 

Playlist of the week: Summer in January

01/14/2020 1:11pm

Even in the middle of winter, this playlist full of sunshine, seas and summer vibes can make the cold, dark days feel a little bit brighter. 

Review: 'The Two Popes' finds common ground

01/13/2020 12:07am

In the biographical film by Fernando Meirelles, two religious figureheads demonstrate the importance of finding balance, forgiveness and common ground.  

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