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Review: Have your taste buds 'Blum'ing at Blūm Coffee

Blum Coffee's bar is brightly lit and located in the front of the store. The bar includes two large chalkboard menus and is lined with coffee machines, syrups and a case of baked goods.
Blum Coffee's bar is brightly lit and located in the front of the store. The bar includes two large chalkboard menus and is lined with coffee machines, syrups and a case of baked goods.

Restaurant: Blūm Coffee

Location: 2824 Devine Street, Columbia SC, 29205

Bang for your buck: B+

Atmosphere: A+

Flavors: A

Overall Rating: A-

From its welcoming environment to its extensive menu, Blūm Coffee has something for everyone. 

Coffee lovers have a long list of choices, such as cold brews, drip coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, espresso shots and coffee sodas, and they can add a delicious syrup or a different type of milk. If you're not feeling coffee, they also have tea, kombucha and flavored water. Blūm also offers great vegan options, which adds a new customer base that some coffee shops cannot offer.

Blūm is quickly becoming a favorite for residents in Columbia. There is a great study area that could be used as a place to sit and chat with your friends. The shop is usually filled with people enjoying their coffee in a peaceful setting.

“I love the atmosphere at Blūm. Our theme is botanical. So, it’s very bright, lots of natural sunlight, very pale greens and lots of real plants,” Dominque Gatson, a barista at Blūm, said. 

One thing that makes Blūm stand out from other coffee shops is its menu. In addition to the variety of coffee, which is available hot or iced, they also have a wide selection of flavors: vanilla, lavender, pistachio, raspberry, ginger, mocha, sugar-free vanilla and honey. There are also three seasonal flavors to put you in the spring spirit: salted caramel, orange crème and strawberry basil.

If you are not in the mood for a coffee, they have many other options.

“We have a whole refrigerator full of kombuchas, sparkling teas, sparkling water, barley water,” Gatson said. "We have a whole tea menu."

One of my favorite things about Blūm is its vegan options.

“We usually carry a vegan blueberry muffin, and as for coffee goes, we have oat milk, soy milk and almond milk, so we can make any of those drinks vegan,” Gatson said. 

The variety is great for customers who have dietary restrictions, including longtime customer and Columbia resident Mary Best.

“It’s one of my favorite coffee shops 'cause I have a lot of dietary needs. So, a lot of times I can’t really have gluten, so, usually, they sometimes have pastries like that, or they can order some for you,” Best said.

A lot of University of South Carolina students love to come to Blūm to study with their friends. Blūm has recently become a new favorite of second-year business student Sammie Chambers.

“The atmosphere is really nice, and it felt really homey, and I really appreciate that. That's the one aspect that I feel like — they have to be homey and inviting, and that’s what Blūm coffee was,” Chambers said.

My experiences at Blūm have been amazing. Each time I have been, I was welcomed with open arms. The baristas are always ready to help you, and I have had great conversations with them. My go-to drink is a cold brew with a shot of raspberry and almond milk because it brings out a very sweet flavor in the coffee. I look forward to trying the seasonal flavors, especially the salted caramel.

There was a peaceful and serene environment for me to study, and the setting reminded me of a coffee shop in my hometown where I would often go to write — it brought me home.

Blūm is both a great representation of women owners and a testament to the overall design and environment of the shop. The baristas are very knowledgeable about their products, and I love talking with them. The prices are reasonable for the amount of coffee you get and the richness of flavors I tasted. I had a great experience the times I have been, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite coffee shops.


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