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Student senate recap: COMET shuttle services, USCPD will hold events to improve transportation, safety on campus

<p>Student Body President Issy Rushton speaks to student senate in September of 2020.&nbsp;</p>

Student Body President Issy Rushton speaks to student senate in September of 2020. 

Students will be able to express their concerns with COMET shuttle services at an upcoming public forum. The date of the forum has not been decided.

Student Body President Issy Rushton said students are concerned about buses not arriving on time and issues they've had using the COMET app. The student forum will be comprised of about 10 to 20 students who live on- and off-campus, Rushton said. 

“We’re hoping that action is derived from this roundtable, whether it's changing the schedule or it's changing the app, to make sure that students have an effective way of getting around,” Ruston said. 

A sign-up for participation in the forum will be sent out to students, according to Rushton. She said she will be meeting with the director of COMET this week.

In another effort to keep campus safe, USCPD is partnering with student senate to host a Campus Safety Walk, student senator Morgiana McDevitt said. 

The walk will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 19. Groups will break off and take note of things they see around campus that might be a safety concern.

“We're all going to fill out things we see, like a brick is loose, or a blue light, or like, this is a suspiciously dark area on campus; so, kind of just notice from a student's perspective, with the officer with us,” McDevitt said. 

The student senate also discussed passing legislation “to ensure an adequate multi-faith space in the new student union,” the proposed bill said.

The legislation said Rutledge Chapel on the Horseshoe and the C.A.L.M. Oasis Space in the Student Health Center are currently “the designated on-campus spaces of prayer” for the university. 

The author of the bill, student senator Mateo Pierce-Mosquera, said he does not think these areas are suitable.

“In Rutledge, you do have ceremonies and weddings, and at the C.A.L.M. Oasis Space, you have classes there,” Pierce-Mosquera said.

He said he contacted several faith-based student organizations on campus to understand what they want for this new space.

“Our idea was that it would be a room just for faith purposes, independent faith purposes, and that it can be stocked with the appropriate equipment,” Pierce-Mosquera said.