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Playlist of the week: Sleepy beats

Tired of being tired? Try listening to these sleepy beats. Whether you're lying awake thinking of drifting off as you read this or you would rather sleep when you're dead, sleep is essential.

Soothe your noisy mind with some remedying Joni Mitchell and more. Sometimes all it takes to start sleeping is a slow tempo and some sweet lyrics.

“Stay the Night” — The Internet

“Baby” — Ariel Pink, DāM-FunK 

“Drowsy” — Banes World

“Sleep Apnea” — Beach Fossils

“Echo’s Answer” — Broadcast

“Apocalypse” — Cigarettes After Sex

“Balto” — Inner Wave

“Blue Motel Room” — Joni Mitchell

“Five String Serenade” — Mazzy Star

“How Come U Don’t Call Anymore” — Prince

“Asleep - 2011 Remaster” — The Smiths

“Porcelain” — Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Ur” — SZA

“Pale Blue Eyes” — The Velvet Underground

“Taking My Time to Be” — Strawberry Guy