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Recipe of the week: Super Bowl Sunday's perfect shrimp dip recipe

Shrimp dip with a side of pretzels, chips or crackers can be a great alternative to traditional Super Bowl party snacks.
Shrimp dip with a side of pretzels, chips or crackers can be a great alternative to traditional Super Bowl party snacks.

Super Bowl 55 is here and, for many, a long-awaited celebration filled with great food and a broadcasted excuse to sit on the couch munching in between plays.

Chips and dip are a true watch-party staple. If you want to change up the traditions — much like COVID-19 has done to every other area of life — I have a new recipe for a great dip: shrimp dip. Shrimp cocktails are always popular, and this shrimp dip can bring something new and tasty to the table.

Ingredients (makes about 2 cups)

¾ pounds of shrimp, cooked, peeled and chopped

8 ounces cream cheese

⅓ cup of mayonnaise

2 to 4 tablespoons of chili sauce (to taste)

2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice

½ teaspoon of grated onion

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Salt and pepper (to taste)

Pretzels, chips or crackers for serving


First, cook the shrimp. There are many ways to cook shrimp, but I personally believe it is best, for this dip, to sauté the shrimp on high heat. You can do this on the stove. It’s the quickest way to cook shrimp, and you can add seasonings such as Old Bay Seasoning, cayenne pepper and even some lemon juice. This way of cooking the shrimp also keeps it juicy and gives it a good texture. It is also best to chop the shrimp when you are done cooking it so it can blend into the dip well.

For the dip, mix together the cream cheese and mayonnaise. This is your main base to the dip, so it is important that it is very well mixed. Next, add the chili sauce to taste, the lemon juice, onion and the Worcestershire sauce.

Once you mix all of this together, don’t forget to taste it — it is important to taste dishes as you make them so you can adjust them to your liking.

Once you are done mixing all of these ingredients and adjusting it to your taste, season the dip with salt and pepper. Next, stir in your chopped shrimp. When everything is mixed well, chill the shrimp dip in the refrigerator until it is cold.

Congratulations — you're done! You can pair this dip with any type of chip or cracker you like, but I personally like to use pretzels. Once this dip is complete, you're all set to enjoy the big game safely at home.


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