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History professor accused of sexual harassment in third lawsuit against USC in five months

<p>&nbsp;Lightposts line the edge of the Horseshoe with USC flags hanging on either side.&nbsp;</p>

 Lightposts line the edge of the Horseshoe with USC flags hanging on either side. 

A lawsuit accusing history professor and faculty principal of Maxcy College David Snyder of sexual harassment was filed against USC on Tuesday. 

The lawsuit was filed against USC, Snyder and University President Emeritus Harris Pastides. 

This is the third lawsuit in five months to be filed against USC for sexual harassment. 

Mary Elizabeth Johns filed the lawsuit in Richland County court. The Daily Gamecock is waiting on confirmation from university spokesperson Jeff Stensland to see if Johns is a current USC student or has graduated. 

According to FITSNews, Johns accused Snyder of sexual harassment, grooming and abuse from 2018 to 2020.

The harassment towards Johns began in spring 2018 while she was taking classes at USC. Johns was taking care of her mother with breast cancer at the time and was mourning the passing of another family member, the lawsuit says. 

Snyder allegedly gave Johns "unexpected attention" and "coaxed" Johns to visit his house, saying he wanted to help her deal with her grief. According to the lawsuit, Johns shared personal details of her PTSD with Snyder.  

The lawsuit said after multiple visits, Snyder attempted to touch and kiss Johns. 

"Snyder started sending Johns lewd emails and the relationship became sexual, according to the lawsuit," FITSNews reported. 

Snyder then sent a total of 184 emails according to the lawsuit. Johns told Snyder to cease contact with her, but Snyder persisted until August 2020, the lawsuit states. 

Rock Hill attorney Randall Hood will represent Johns.