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Playlist: Around the World in 60

It’s April already. Derived from the Latin word "aperit," which means "to open," we are now experiencing borders opening, flowers blooming and summer’s wide arms open to take us in. Ready?

This week's playlist opens a door for us to take those trips that were canceled and the many plans that have been hampered. While our rooms have become our havens, this playlist can help you take a trip through your ears to continents around the world.

It's the perfect getaway. As we anticipate things going back to a new normal and the opportunities that come with the spring season, enjoy the solace that comes with trying new things. In this case, it's different music by diverse people from distinct places.

In 60 minutes, take a journey that tells unique stories by artists from all continents habitable by man.

“Jowo” —  DaVido

“Obianuju” — Duncan Mighty

“Forever” — Gyakie

“Kapena” — Pompi

“Doing It” — Charli XCX

"Before You Go" — Lewis Capaldi

“Joli bébé” — Naza, Niska

“Ça blesse” — Aya Nakamura

“Masterpiece” — KB

“Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)” — Taylor Swift

“LOST” — NF, Hopsin

“Ocean” — KAROL G

“Te Amo” — Calema

“Dushi Bida” — Jeon

“Grateful” — Nat Vazer

“Everytime” — CHEN, Punch

“Fantastic Baby” — BIGBANG

“Dammi Falastini” — Mohammad Assaf


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