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Student body president comments on Voros investigation, commits to building name changes

Student Body President Alex Harrell said there will be a planned protest about firing David Voros on Friday, April 2 at 10 a.m., beginning at Longstreet Theatre. 

Harrell updated the student senate on the situation surrounding Voros and said the university hired an outside firm to help investigate the allegations against Voros and “to streamline the process.” 

Harrell said he believes that people forget there is a lawsuit against the university and Voros, which USC has no jurisdiction over. 

"There's also been lots of talk about firing said individuals that at this time I believe the university would be violating the law. And we have to abide by the due process and the law," Harrell said. 

Student Body Vice President Emily Dengler said she joined the university’s Title IX Taskforce. 

“The mission of the force is to conduct a comprehensive review of the entire system related to threats of sexual harassment and interpersonal violence," Dengler said. "It really is apparent to me that survivors on campus aren't being represented and heard in the way that they should be."

Harrell said he is committed to pursuing students' desires on renaming buildings on campus after student senator and first-year criminology student Noah Glasgow asked him to commit to working on the issue. 

“We are committed to it. It’s apparent it’s important to the student body,” Harrell said.  

In Harrell's first time addressing the senate as student body president, he said he “had a great phone call with [former] President Pastides today about about the university commission." 

“You know it's an easy answer because it's apparent what the students are feeling, what the students are saying. That's my job — I got to advocate for them, I got to work for them and so that's what we're gonna do if that's what they want me to do,” Harrell said. 

Student senator Claire Windsor said she is having conversations with University President Bob Caslen and “the president of the University Foundation that deals with our endowment," about potential university divestment. 

“He has written a letter to the University Foundation, for a formal investigation into this matter. So there are all these different developments going on at a higher level we're kind of waiting on to see those updates,” Windsor said.