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Column: Wait to buy an iPhone

Determining the correct time to buy an iPhone is based on a complicated prediction of evidence and timelines. With relatively little fail, there is a predictable and informed timeline of when it is best to buy a new Apple product. Based on many industry standards, this time is generally not advised between July and November, as this is when the industry is subject to change.

Annually, Apple will announce through an Apple Event, which is a livestreamed conference with a large-scale production where Apple promotes its newest items. It is essentially the most theatrical press release in existence. Typically, the event announcements generate excitement, but with nothing more than a graphic announcement, consumers are left wondering at the possibilities of what they will unveil at the event.

All major platforms were alerted on Sept. 7 for the upcoming Apple Event on Sept. 14, and social media users and reporters across the tech world shared excitement in this announcement.

Apple has less mysticism to its product lines and delivery for those in the industry, however, as these events are predictable. With relatively little error, there is a concrete way to know when Apple will deliver a product, and what that product will generally be.

For one, tech bloggers and journalists make it their mission to figure out this information. Within seconds of the Sept. 7 announcement, prominent figures such as Marques Brownlee, Business Insider, Macworld and Wall Street Journal reporters jumped on the wagon to discuss the news, fully aware of the marketing strategy and timeline that Apple employs.

This strategy, ultimately, is a complicated timeline of product pushing within its ecosystem through a system of forward momentum. The tech world has well recorded this and is aware of when the product was last updated, with either software or hardware, and the latest advancements in the industry.

This information is cross-referenced with when the product is next due for a upgrade and how influential that upgrade will be in making old products obsolete.

Both rumors and the past reliability of its timeline suggest this, and the many substantiated ideas across the tech community. Apple has been relatively consistent in how it releases its products, especially with the iPhone. For nearly the past 10 years, Apple has released a new iPhone during the September to November window without fail.

Marques Brownlee, arguably one of the biggest tech bloggers and internet tech presence, tweeted Sept. 3, "If you have friends considering buying iPhones right now, be the friend that tells them to wait if they can. Just another 2 weeks or so til the new ones drop. And the price of the old ones drops. Like clockwork. This concludes my PSA."

Not only this, but supply chain information is generally available to the public and analyzed by sources, such as Macworld. The amount of chips and unit volumes manufactured generally show a foreshadowing of the product to come.

Market competition is also a widely used indicator of upcoming products, representing either the competition the company needs to regain or to match. General technological performance standards or acknowledged surpassed records often indicate this.

Finally, a major indicator of an upcoming device is leaked information. Although it can be unreliable, things such as product labels, cases or mock devices are frequently leaked before an event.

Apple Hub shared a tweet with a subtle acknowledgement of the upcoming iPhone.

For those looking at buying an iPhone right now, it is almost guaranteed that in less than a month, new iPhones will become available for interested parties after being announced at the upcoming event.

If you are looking to buy a previous model for cheaper or make a big spend on the latest device, give it another month before you make any decisions.

There is no bigger waste of money in our consumeristic world than buying a tech product for it to only be outdated within the year, but this is a very real facet of the industry. Therefore, whenever you're in the market for an Apple device — or, realistically, any product — make sure to consult the online community for its existence on the timeline of obsolescence and value.

There is a distinguishable and informed time that is best to buy a device, no matter how one approaches the purchase, and by following the recommendations of the internet, serious money can be saved.


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