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Student body president working for student vote on board of trustees

Student Body President Alex Harrell said he and other student governments in the SEC are drafting a letter to send to each institution's administration advocating for a student vote on the board of trustees. 

As of now, "four or six" other universities in the SEC have a vote on their board of trustees, according to Harrell. The Student Government passed a resolution in 2019 in support of a student vote on the board of trustees. 

"It's something I've been working over with fellow legislators already. Planned this as a priority for myself, I've talked to the board chairman about it, so it's definitely something we're still working towards," Harrell said. 

According to an email sent by Speaker of the Student Senate Morgianna McDevitt, the senate passed a resolution on Sept. 22 to create an ad hoc committee to "formally research Student Government history and how the position of Historian can be utilized to strengthen the way SG records its history for the benefit of future UofSC SG members." 

Senator John Mugabe is the chairman of the committee. Mugabe said while those in Student Government recognize a "transition problem" in the organization, there are differing opinions on what creates it. Mugabe said "so much turnover" in the organization has resulted in a "short institutional memory." 

"So we're trying to see how we can expand that, how we can reach back into our roots and understand and make sure that we're learning from the senates and office of administrations that came prior, all so that we can build towards a better student government," Mugabe said.  

The committee will present a final report on its work in the first week of November. This report will include all the "combined, concise" opinions of Student Government members who made their opinions known. 

"The purpose of that is so when we do eventually try to make a change, or edit the codes, we have something to refer to and say 'we're not pulling this out of our heads,'" Mugabe said.  

Student Body Vice President Emily Dengler said not enough people in Student Government signed up to give every Freshman Council member a mentor. Mentors, according to Dengler, are meant to help Freshman Council members as they begin college and teach them about different areas of student government. 

"I know last year my mentee also wants to go to dental school, so I've been helping her with the application process, giving her my old study books, stuff like that; just so you have someone older on campus that knows what's up," Dengler said.  

Senator Noah Glasgow introduced a bill to create a secretary of disability services in the president's cabinet. Glasgow said students with disabilities don't have a "clear, defined advocate" in student government.

"This will create that position for them. That's a significant portion of our student body," Glasgow said. 

The bill was tabled for one week.